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Got junk? You’re not alone. In fact, Americans spend more money, time and energy on junk than anyone else. For instance, buying it, storing it, and professional paying organizers to help corral it. Don’t forget, Recycling, donating or trashing it.

“Save the earth! Is not that a new maxim, decades have passed by and a myriad of voices have echoed the planet. Saying this fact that is as easily forgotten as we are moving forward with our daily life. From here on, we can make a change.

Of course! We cannot deny that in these modern times we accumulate a substantial amount of junk and rubbish. Getting all these trash and junk disposed of properly and wisely is our primary responsibility. The United States annually generates about 230 million tons of urban solid waste. And an average US citizen generates more than 4.5 pounds of solid waste per day. The numbers are staggering isn’t it?

No doubt, the above statistics pose a serious threat to our ecological system. With most junk removal companies adopting “ecological procedures for the removal of household refuse”, this procedure checks the quantity of non-degradable and reusable items going into landfill. A little bit of concern for the environment every day will make a huge difference.

Imagine we throw all the garbage, junk and rubbish away anyhow. Or, in addition, that there was no authority to oversee waste management activities from all the sources mentioned above. Or what if we all just sent our junk to the landfill, or just dump into a nearby river. All things considered, what do you think is going to happen? A disaster!

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Some of the Measures Adopted by Junk Removal Companies

  • Junk removal companies now sort reusable materials from the junk collected. Reusable items are inspected sorted to see if any, can be donated to a charity for use by the needy.


  • All recyclable items, especially metals, wood, concrete, plastics and paper, are separated for recycling. Recycling is not a new process; there is now just more of an accent on it.


  • Most compostable materials are separated from the junk for reuse.


  • Unlike in the past, potentially hazardous materials are handled with the utmost care or deposited in appropriate facilities so that they do not pollute the environment.


  • The remaining waste is handled and prepared accordingly, so that a minimum amount of waste enters the landfill.


  • Most landfills sites are now stratified with plastic or concrete so that wastewater and other noxious liquids do not seep into the soil.


  • Junk removal companies also turn to biofuel to operate their machinery.


And what do you know? Many waste removal companies are also raising awareness, especially among children. All of these procedures encompass the dawn of a new age in waste management.