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About Us

HaulPROZ About us 

HaulPROZ, How it started

It all started with just a side hustle, our money was tight and my husband and I were looking for ways to bring in extra money. Moving has always been a thing for us. We moved constantly, my husband worked for a moving company for 10 years, we helped our friends and family move, so it was something we were all too familiar with. We actually started with a stake body pick up truck, a 1989 F350 that we bought for $500 to be exact. We did junk removal and light hauling jobs on the weekends.

Our 1989 F350 was our only truck and a smart investment. Well, somewhat. I remember on several occasions our truck would break down in front of customers homes and we even had to get a jump or two from our customers (How embarrassing) We stuck with it. Through hard work, a little maintenance on our truck,  dedication and providing great customer service, our weekend hustle turned into a legit business.

We immediately noticed the need for people to have access to a friend with a pick up. We still have that same mentality. A lot of hustle goes a long way. Never give up, especially when you don’t get it right the first time, and our customers are our friends, and we have trucks.


What is HaulPROZ?

HaulPROZ connects consumers with vetted PROZ for some of the most hated household tasks.

HaulPROZ is a brand spankin’ new ON DEMAND & SCHEDULED HAULING SERVICE in the Washington, DC Metro area! We specialize in hauling just about everything. Our goal is to provide one of the best hauling service in the Washington, DC area.

Furniture, Appliances, Electronics, Junk Removal, Local Moving. Our professionals are called HaulPROZ , and they are fully trained, licensed, and insured. HaulPROZ drivers use pick up trucks, cargo vans, box trucks, or stake body trucks to haul your items from point A to point B.

We take pride in helping others by providing professional service at reasonable rates. We want to make the most hated task a simple one for you!

So just with a few steps, you can:

Book.Pay. Get Service.Rate us

all from your phone!

Hauling Service in Washington, DC, Northern Virginia & Maryland.  

HaulPROZ currently Hauls in the Washington, DC Metro area. That includes: Washington, D.C, Northern Virginia, and Maryland. We are hoping to expand to different areas, but we need your help! Although we are currently only hauling in Washington, DC we want to expand! If you currently live outside of these areas but would like to see HaulPROZ near you, please let us know!

Our Mission 

Moving.Hauling. Junk Removal. Deliveries. HaulPROZ mission is to deliver quality hauling & heavy lifting service by professionals. Let us do the heavy lifting, on demand style. Removing obstacles, Reducing wait times, Making up for those “No Show” movers.

How Does it Work???

Too many apps on your phone??

No app download necessary!


Our responsive design acts just like an app without the hassle of having to download yet another app on your device!! 


Visit www.haulproz.com from your mobile phone or computer & Request a PRO

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